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We have a combined experience of over 60 years in the lithium battery industry. We have personally designed, produced, and recycled lithium-ion batteries, and during this time we have amassed a great deal of knowledge. 

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Some of our experts

Mattheus Consulting NOWOS - Consulting

Mattheus Basut

Lithium batteries logistics

Prins Doornekamp 1 - Consulting

Prins Doornekamp

Lithium batteries engineer

jan - Consulting

Jan Bartels

Lithium batteries safety and compliance

julien - Consulting

Julien Montibert

Application engineer

Some exemples of our consultancies

We are therefore able to offer technical feedback and advise on:

Electronic design (BMS)
Electromechanical design (cells, cell pack, wire, and tabs)
Mechanical design (casing)

Depending on your needs, we can evaluate both the cell and BMS performance and, for instance, provide solutions to improve the mechanical case design for better moisture protection. Another way we can co-operate is to write a complete battery specification and advise you on the best possible design specification. Together we will test the prototype batteries and advise how to improve the design before final product sign-off. This new design will incorporate features that it easier to repair and recycle batteries.

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