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NOWOS wants to be more than just a company in the circular economy market. We want to be one of the main actors. Here you will find out more about this market, our company, our individuals and our causes.

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By working out customized solutions together with these companies, we can show that a circular economy is feasible.

What is the point to try to be sustainable using electric products, if, at the end, batteries end up in the landfills polluting the world even more? Let’s make a truly positive environmental and ethical impact with our batteries.

We aim to not only reclaim raw materials from batteries but to reclaim them in a way that has a positive effect.

NOWOS's approach to sustainable urban mining is governed by our own principles and standards.

NOWOS has been structured and is managed in such a way as to ensure we can achieve our mission.

Our Business Principles are deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions, behaviours, and decision-making.

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